Healing Garden

Sanctuary was successful in 2015, with funding from Liverpool Community Fund, for a gardening project. We were not able to start this project until we had moved into our new premises.   This has been ongoing since January 2016 and we have had so many of our service users and volunteers who have dedicated their time and put their heart and soul into making the garden what it is today, “Special”.

Our volunteers have given so much time to this project.  It has changed from a dark and miserable place to a haven of flowers and sanctuary. Two of our service users who are carpenters worked on making the stairways safe with fences and gates.  They screwed batons to the walls for the climbing plants to grow and one of them have made us 4 large planters.  Plants have been purchased, some   donated by our Kinship Carers.  Two of our Family Members who lost their son recently spent the day planting.  We will be holding a celebration day to say Thank You to all our volunteers and service users who donated plants, chairs, etc.  Carillion have been invited to this day.

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