Upcoming Courses 2019

Course 1:

Connecting Youth

Each session consist of 5 stages:

The Journey for Week 1 :

What is Mental Health?
What is risk and resilience?
What’s it like to be a teenager?
What’s going on in my child’s head?
What can I do to help my child?

The Journey for Week 2 :

What do we need to be mentally healthy?
How do we build resilience?
How do we change the way our children behave?
What type of family activities are important for good mental health?
How do we make smart changes?

The Journey for Week 3 :

Why do we feel and behave the way we do?
How do I deal with unhelpful thoughts?
What is mindfulness and emotional literacy?
What strategies can I use to manage distress and make positive changes?
What are the connections between body and mind?

The Journey for Week 4 :

How do I listen to my child?
How do I talk to my child?
Practicing my listening
Practicing what to say
How do I support my child when they are in a hard place?

The Journey for Week 5 :

What have I learned so far?
What are my strengths?
How do I make the most of my strengths?
Am I feeling more resilient?
What resources and services are there, out there for me to use

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Course 2

Health & Wellbeing Group Training Course

Lesson 1: Hope, Fears and motivations. Confidence Building

Lesson 2: Self-Esteem and Anxiety Management

Lesson 3: Anger Management and Healthy Relationships

Lesson 4: Sleep Improvement and Healthy Eating

Lesson 5: Problem Solving – Coping Strategies and Ceremony

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