Upcoming Courses 2020

Course 1:

Connecting Youth

This is a proven 5 week course for Parents, please read below our conclusion from an evaluation complied from Liverpool One


This grant funded an intervention aiming to enhance parents and carers’ ability to support and promote the emotional wellbeing of their children and young people. Family support is crucial for young people’s mental wellbeing. Good relationships with parents or carers and a positive and supporting family environment help children and young people to build resilience and to thrive.


Sanctuary Family support provided evidence of positive changes enabled by this intervention, including the results of a pre-evaluation form investigating the hopes, expectations and feelings about their participation in the project, and post-evaluation forms investigating changes achieved.


According to this evidence, the grant helped parents and carers to improve communication with their children and young people, and to gain a better understanding of the challenges and issues faced by younger generations. This project helped parents and carers to build resilience by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with difficult situations and changes. As a result, children and young people received better support from their families.


From the analysis of relevant forms, the charity showed great flexibility in managing this project to adapt it to the needs and demands of participants. The charity redefined the model of delivery to make the contents and activities more accessible to the many older parents and grandparents who became involved in the project.

The charity offers a comprehensive package of services to its beneficiaries, as it can rely on a counsellor, two family support workers and a health and wellbeing ‘navigator’. The availability of an internal counsellor is fundamental also for addressing issues arising from or during the delivery of specific projects. As argued during the interview, some of the parents and carers supported by this charity have been through traumatic experiences, including as victims of neglect or sexual abuse. In this respect, the charity seems equipped to provide timely additional support to its beneficiaries, should they require it.

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Course 2

Health & Wellbeing Group Training Course

Lesson 1: Hope, Fears and motivations. Confidence Building

Lesson 2: Self-Esteem and Anxiety Management

Lesson 3: Anger Management and Healthy Relationships

Lesson 4: Sleep Improvement and Healthy Eating

Lesson 5: Problem Solving – Coping Strategies and Ceremony

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