Annual Report July 2018 – June 2019

The organisation’s objects are to relieve sickness amongst people suffering from substance misuse by the provision of support, advice and counselling for their families, and to educate the public in all matters relating to substance misuse.

Public Benefit
In considering the objectives and activities, the Trustees have considered the Charity Commission’s guidance on Public Benefit to ensure that the organisation is meeting its Public Benefit requirements.

I want to talk about Adversity and how situations can change so quickly. Last year when we applied to the Big Lottery Fund Grant for Continuation funding, we were unsuccessful. In the face of adversity, we immediately started to look at funding opportunities and who we could apply to, that was a quick turnaround, to fund staff salary cost from July 2018. Last year we were successful with every application that we made for funding, call it what you will, luck, or maybe it’s because we do a really good job. This funding meant our Charity could stay open for another year at least. We also had a visit from a Big Lottery Fund Grant officer who told us that we could apply again as the Lottery had now changed its programmes. Things were looking up. We did apply to Big Lottery Fund Grant again and got through to the second stage. Finally at the end of June this year we were informed that we had been successful with five year funding towards our costs. We are so grateful to all the people that play the Lottery because without them we wouldn’t have any funding right now so a Big Thank you all. I must congratulate my staff on all their hard work. They all work part time and as well as annual leave, sickness, the numbers are still very good for the hours they work. So Thank you to all the staff and keep up the good work.
• 280 service users over the last year
• 802 one to one sessions
• 274 counselling sessions
• 110 Home visits
• 255 Therapy sessions
• Project Road to Recovery:- 202 one to one sessions,
• 93 counselling sessions, 124 Therapy sessions
• Khat Awareness Project:-
• 6 X 5 weekly Youth Connect Courses delivered
• 6 X 5 weekly Health & Wellbeing courses delivered
• 40 Boxercise & Exercise sessions
• 44 Yoga sessions delivered

Support for Service Users
Sanctuary dealt with 280 service users over the last year, 154 were female and 126 were male. 98 people were registered as disabled. The ages of our service users ranged from (024) 10% (25-64) 78% ( 65+) 12%, 49% were white/mixed White, 33% Black/African/Caribbean Black UK, 7% Asian/Asian UK, 8% Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groups, 3% Other Ethnic Groups.

Many of our service users have received support from our staff in many ways including:-
Accompanying to Brooke Place
Accompanying to the Crown Street Hub
Accompanying to CAB, DWP, PIP
and ESA assessments Windsor House,
Park Place & LCAS & Mossley Hill hospital

Referrals have been made to:-

Transforming Choices
Brooke Place
New Start Citizen Support Scheme
Heat / Domestic Violence organisations

Referrals Received

The majority of our referrals are self- referrals from word of mouth. Other are from:-
Social Services,
Brooke Place
Families Anonymous
Health Trainers,
Housing Associations,
Geneva House

Outreach Support

Sanctuary do make home visits, but only to those people who cannot attend our office for whatever reason, as we haven’t got the resources, as all the staff work part time at Sanctuary. We do attend surgeries at Geneva House Hostel were we can have up to 4 or 5 service users at any one time. 3 of the Sanctuary staff have spent one day a week working on the ‘Road to Recovery’ project, which is our Veterans project.

Support for Carers

Carers at Sanctuary can have one to one support when they feel they need it, also referral to our counsellors if necessary. Some of our Carers meet every Tuesday at our Peer to Peer group meetings which take place from around 11am till 1pm. Also available to our carers is Yoga and Exercise that they can take part in. The carers are a mixture of kinship carers and carers caring for their family member with a drug and alcohol problems.

The meetings are a way out of social isolation for many of them, even though they are caring for somebody they still get lonely because they cannot do the things they used to do. Tuesdays are special for many of our carers as they meet for a chat and refreshments and bring information to each other as well as snacks etc. They have outings and weekends away and if they want information on a special subject, we will bring in that organisation to talk to them.

Road To Recovery Project
The Road to Recovery project was funded by Medicash in October 2018. The project is based in Speke and houses around 48 veterans with the charity Launchpad. The veterans have all been homeless. Sanctuary provided one to one support to veterans with alcohol, drug & mental health problems together with counselling and holistic therapies. This project has proved to be very successful. The Sanctuary staff dealt with 29 clients, 8 of which have been into detoxification and 2 have been admitted to Tom Harrison Rehabilitation centre, 9 have been rehoused, 11 people have reduced their intake of substances. 2 people have gone into employment whilst 5 are studying various courses. One of the quotes from a veteran was “We love Sanctuary because they not only help us deal with our alcohol and drug problems, but our mental health problems too”

Khat Awareness Project
Our Khat awareness project was funded by the Police Crime Prevention fund and was a partnership with Sanctuary Family Support, Mersey Care and The Somali Community. This was a way of making the community aware of the dangers of Khat and the fact that it was a banned class C drug as well as other substances. We had 2 sessional Navigators that went to different organisations including the 2 main Mosques to engage with people. We found there were many people who didn’t think that Khat caused any problems at all, It’s impossible to change the minds of these people even with information. We managed to have some events in the Mosques and 1 big event where the Imam spoke around addictions. This event was videoed and taped and hopefully will be sent with our evaluations. We did do a Drug Awareness session in the Mosque with 25 people attending. The people who attended the drug awareness session were more interested in learning about drugs that their children may use for example cannabis, cocaine, and heroin. In November 2018 we had a Khat Launch day which was attended by, the police, The Imam from our local Mosque, A representative from the Crime Commissioner’s officer, The Chair of Mersey Care, our local councillor Anna Rotherey and members from the local communities. Training Understanding young people’s mental health – Family Support Worker Ace’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) – 4 Staff Rewind (A new therapy that allows the client to forget trauma) – Counsellor Introduction to working with families’ alcohol & drugs- Navigator & Placement Suicide training – All staff & volunteers Dealing with Big thoughts Anxiety in children Family support Worker Understanding Disassociation & Trauma- 3 Staff

At Sanctuary we have 5 volunteers including our Counselling volunteer who has now completed her diploma in counselling and passed with flying colours. She wishes to continue as a volunteer at Sanctuary for the time being and is very happy doing so. She has delivered 46 counselling sessions over the last 10 months. The other volunteers are ad hoc mainly service users, family member, who offer their support, whether it be a morning one day a week answering the phone and welcoming people with some form of refreshment. One of our service user’s is training at Blackburne House (Health & Social Care course ) at present when her training is finished I hope to bring her on board to shadow our Family Support Workers.

Placement from LMH
Unfortunately our placement from LMH was only with us for 3 months due to circumstances beyond his control. We may be getting a new placement from John Moore’s University in the new year.

10/10/18 World Mental Health Day – Liverpool University
11/10/18 I was a guest at the Medicash, Freedom of the City Celebration, Town Hall
29/10/18 Road to Recovery Project
21/11/18 Khat Awareness Project Launch
06/11/19 Mental Health Awareness – Life Rooms
21/07/19 Picnic in the Princes Park – LMH
12/04/19 Telford Court Healthy day 0ver 55
13/06/19 Chats Health & Wellbeing Day
05/07/19 Love 8 Lodge Lane Community Day
03/08/19 Colours Princes Park (Community Day)

20h Anniversary
Sanctuary celebrated its 20th Anniversary on March 29th this year. This was held in St Dunstan’s Church on Earle Road. It was an amazing day with visitors from other organisations and many of our service users. Our local Counsellor Anna Rothery attended; she is now the present Lord Mayor.

Maria O’Reilly who is a local community activist and was the Manager of the Liverpool 8 Law Centre gave an overview of Sanctuary over the years and how we have helped so many people. Sanctuary actually started its life in the Law Centre.


The Health & Wellbeing Course runs for 5 weeks and focuses on:- Healthy Relationships, Self Esteem, Anxiety Management, Confidence Building, Emotional Resilience, Healthy Eating. This is delivered by our Councillor and Family Support Worker.

The Connecting Youth Course also runs for 5 weeks and looks at ways of being able to communicate with our children, Building Resilience in them, Mental Health, How our child’s brain works, why we behave the way we do. It also focuses on us looking after ourselves and promotes relaxation.