Annual Report July 2019- June 2020

The Trustees, staff & service users at  Sanctuary were excited to learn they had been successful with 5 year funding from the Big Lottery. The last 12 months have been both exciting and challenging.  We continued our Supporting & Stabilising lives project ; supporting our service users and delivering our services to our many service users.

On the 15th October 2019 we had our Big Lottery Launch Day.  We invited our Lord Mayor, Councillor Anna Rothery, we also had guests from the Home office, who were visiting Liverpool.

The day was well attended by our service users, colleagues from other organisations and the local community.  There was holistic therapies, active Bingo, beauty & makeup, nails on offer together with a beautiful buffett.  To add to all of this we had a McMillan Cake day, were we raised £187 for the charity.

During the lockdown in March 2020, we closed our doors on the 20th March as we were all going to work from home. There were a whole host of emotions; from staff, service users, our families.  Our job was to make sure that we offered support to those who needed it, as well as making sure our staff were safe and well.  The majority of people were happy to be supported over the phone however there were some people who were desperate for 1-1 support because of their mental health state; they needed that reassurance from our worker’s.

The lockdown has prevented a lot of work that needed to be completed from funding we have received.  We have made contact with our funders to ask for extension.

All of the calls made & received during the lockdown were being monitored by our administrator who was also accepting calls from new clients and allocating them to one of our Family Support Workers.

The following is a report on the activity from July 2019 to March 2020:-


One to One Family Support Worker        670 office visits

Counsellor sessions                                 206  office visits

Holistic Therapies sessions                      192

Home visits                                                74

Phone sessions  with clients                    124

27 Exercise sessions

27 Yoga sessions

I returned to my office with 1 worker, who wanted to return to work in May 2020.  I did this to be able to make the arrangements for adaption of the premises in order  to make them safe for staff & service users to return, I was able to access some funding from  Lottery & Lpool Cares to make this possible.

The following is the amount of calls made to clients during the lockdown and up until we returned to work in August when a small amount of service users who needed 1-1 support attended our office for appointment with FSW & Counsellor:-


FSW phone sessions                    911

Counselling phone sessions        161

1-1 FSW sessions                          14

1-1 Counselling sessions                9

Support for Service Users


Sanctuary dealt with 218 service users over the last year, 118 substance misusers & 100 Family members.  66% were female and 34% were male. 32% people were registered as disabled.   The ages of our service users ranged from:- ( 0-24) 6%   (25-64) 79%    ( 65+) 15% . 51% were white/mixed White.  33% Black/African/Caribbean Black UK.

5% Asian/Asian UK.  9% Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groups. 2% Other Ethnic Groups


Referrals Received

The majority of our referrals are self- referrals from word of mouth.

Others are from:-

Social Services,

G.P’, Psychiatrists

Brooke Place


Families Anonymous

Housing Associations,



During the lockdown we received feedback from a G.P from the Princes Park surgery.  The following is what he had to say:-


 I have got this e-mail off the Live Well Directory for Sanctuary Family Support so hope it is the correct one.


 My name is Ryan – I am a GP at Princes Park and Brownlow.

 I wanted to feedback that I have a number of patients who are/have been supported by yourselves.


The feedback I have received from them is exceptional, people cannot speak highly enough for the work you do and the compassion you do it with.  Also that you go the extra mile for them regularly.


 It is also nice to have feedback so thought I would pass this on, and pass on my own thanks for supporting my patients going through very challenging situations.

 Many Thanks



Support For Carers

At some point during the lockdown our carers were able to meet again.  The carers had received calls from our FSW and myself during the lockdown and were supporting one another over the phone.  Some of them had the opportunity to continue with exercise on facebook or zoom whilst others preferred to wait until they could meet up again to exercise. 10 of our carers travelled to Llandudno in September 2020 for a weekend away.  This weekend was thoroughly enjoyed and just what the doctor ordered.

Christmas 2019 30 Adults & children went to the Pantomime at the Everyman theatre.  January 20 carers enjoyed lunch all funded by the Father Austen Fund.


Road To Recovery Project


The Funding for this project came to an end in September 2019.  Andy from Medicash has been so supportive, he suggested making a video of Sanctuary staff, the staff from Speke House  and any  of the veterans that were prepared to to give an interview, to show to the Medicash Trustees.  The video was completed at the end of October 2019 and was taken at Speke House.

At the end of February Sanctuary was successful with funding to continue the Road to Recover project but without the holistic therapies.  Unfortunately our Navigator was only able to speak with 5 veterans before the lockdown and we were unable to gain admittance during this time; he did support those veterans that had he had engaged with over the phone.


New Counsellor Appointment

Our long term Counsellor left Sanctuary in January 2020.  Our volunteer counsellor had passed her exams with flying colours.  We were able to employ our volunteer counsellor Nicky with permission from the funder.



Introduction to Counselling course

The Introduction to counselling course was funded by the Lord Mayor’s Fund and  was delivered by our Counsellor and began at the beginning of  November 2019 and ended in December 2019.   We originally had 9 people interested in this course but it dwindled down to 6 who actually started the course, and then 5.

Sanctuary has become a Centre of Excellence and the participants of the Counselling course received certificates.



Health & Wellbeing course


The Health & Wellbeing Course runs for 5 weeks and focuses on:-

Healthy Relationships, Self Esteem, Anxiety Management, Confidence Building, Emotional Resilience, Healthy Eating. This is delivered by our Counsellor and Family Support Worker and was delivered to the veterans in Speke House in October 2019.

The Connecting Youth Course also runs for 5 weeks and looks at ways of being able to communicate with our children, Building Resilience in them, Mental Health, How our child’s brain works, Why we behave the way we do.  It also focuses on us looking after ourselves and promotes relaxation.

This course was delivered to local parents from the L8, L15, L7 areas in the light of the stabbings and

gun crime.


The Hungry Must Be Fed

During the lockdown Lord Mayor Anna Rotherey asked if we would manage the funding for this project.  The project consisted of 8 volunteers delivering  food that could be heated in the microwave  to the elderly, vulnerable and sick.

This was an excellent project that fed many people and was funded by The Mayor’s Fund &  Fazenda.

Success Stories

The following people have all been service users of Sanctuary Family Support:-

A young lady who has two children and was involved with social services has go on to start a Degree in Psychology and is in her second year.  A gentleman from Malawi who was a heavy drinker is doing his Masters Degree in Business studies.

A young man in his 30’s is doing an Electrical Engineering course.  We are so proud for all these people.  We have also referred 6 people into detoxification.





June   Goodgym, a charity that helps people whilst still excercising.  18 of them came into our office      painted one of the consulting rooms, painted the garden flower boxes and table & chairs and planted flowers.  All this was done very quickly. Brilliant.

July 25th  Staff & volunteers attended an Open Day for Onward Homes

Aug 16th   Digital Event with Torus Sir Thomas Hotel

Aug 20th  Delivering Drug Awareness at the Mosque

Various dates    Coffee mornings Kumba Imani




Future Plans

To continue to fundraise for all the activities that we want to provide that aren’t funded by the Lottery.  We don’t know how long this pandemic is going to continue for,  so just let’s hope it’s all over by the end of the year.