Big Lottery

SFS has been awarded a 3 year grant for deliver a project, funded by the Big Lottery fund called: Sanctuary –Support and Stabilizing Lives.

Our Charity is now a CIO: 1161537

The problems that this project aim to deal with are:

  1. a) high levels of substance misuse in Liverpool –
  2. i) we aim to reduce or prevent misuse by people, through the awareness and educational workshops;
  3. ii) for those who misuse, to help them better manage their addictions and become less or non dependent on substances over time and prevent relapse through the support services to be offered


  1. b) the turmoil on family members and disruption to family cohesion due to substance misuse by family members –
  2. i) we aim to provide support, advice and guidance to family members on coping mechanisms, tell tale signs, awareness and other support e.g. domestic violence and other forms of abuse
  3. ii) we aim to offer family cohesion activities where if the family member has been separated due to problematic substance misuse, sectioning, imprisonment, helping to build bridges reconnecting them as a family unit.






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